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Date Location Topic Presenter
April, 2015 American Family Insurance Micro services
Derek Ashmore
February, 2015 TDS Web Security
Presentation Materials
Brian Sletten
October, 2014 American Family Insurance Spring Boot
Craig Walls
May, 2014 TDS Turbocharge Enterprise Java Development with Groovy
Presentation Materials
Ken Krebs
February, 2014 American Family Insurance Architectural Case Studies Ken Sipe
November, 2013 Dean Health Plan Kick Starting Your Integration with Mule Enterprise Service Bus
Presentation Materials
John Carnell
August, 2013 TDS Android Development James Harmon
May, 2013 American Family Insurance Spring Data
Presentation Materials
Naveen VK
March, 2013 TDS Heavy Lifting in the Cloud with Spring Batch Michael Minella
January, 2013 American Family Insurance Automated QA with the Robot Framework
Presentation Materials
Tom Schneider
November, 2012 TDS A current look at the development life cycle
Presentation Materials
Joel Tosi
September, 2012 American Family Insurance Developing Next-Generation Applications Craig Walls from SpringSource
May, 2012 TDS Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
Presentation Materials
Benjamin Arciszewski
April, 2012 American Family Insurance Rock the HTML5, JS, CSS - Mobile block Kris Borchers
February, 2012 Wisconsin Trade Center Distributed Java Cache
Presentation Materials
Manik Surtani
January, 2012 ShopBop Java SE Embedded Development Made Easy
Jim Connors
November, 2011 TDS JEE6 and Spring
Presentation Materials
Joel Tosi
September, 2011 TDS Java in the Clouds
Presentation Materials
Shawn Hartsock
May, 2011 TDS Code Metrics and JBoss AS7
Presentation Materials
Joel Tosi
March, 2011 Alliant Curious about mobile development?
Presentation Materials
Max Rahder
January, 2011 TDS Dual Presentation with Transforming from Java to Groovy and Java 7 Language Features Venkat Subramaniam
October, 2010 TDS Extending the Java Platform with Scala
Presentation Materials
Jason Nerothin
May, 2010 Alliant Energy Test-Driven Development (beyond JUnit) with JBehave
Presentation Materials
Brian Repko
March, 2010 TDS Servlet Container Internals - by Damodar Chetty (author of Tomcat 6 Developer's Guide) Damodar Chetty
January, 2010 WEA Slaying the Legacy Dragon: Practical Lessons in Replacing Old Software
Presentation Materials
Tim Berglund
November, 2009 TDS OSGi - Why Java Modularity Matters Patrick Paulin
September, 2009 Alliant Energy Making Web Apps Suck Less/Hacking Your Brain for Fun and Profit
Presentation Materials
Nathaniel Schutta
June, 2009 TDS New Features in JavaEE 6 Moises Lejter
April, 2009 Park Bank Surviving the Downturn
Presentation Materials
Kirk Knoernschild
February, 2009 TDS Hacking - The Dark Arts
Hacking - The Dark Arts Presentation Materials
Ken Sipe
November, 2008 WEA Spring 2.5 Update
Spring Source Presentation Materials
Spring WebFlow Presentation Materials
Colin Sampaleaunu of Spring Source and John Case of Centare Group
September, 2008 TDS Practices of an Agile Developer and Know Your Java
Presentation Materials
Venkat Subramaniam (founder of Agile Developer)
July, 2008 WEA Trust Cloud Dreams: From Ideas to Innovation
Presentation Materials
Mike Culver ( Technical Evangelist)
May, 2008 Alliant Energy Scrum and Hyperproductivity
Scrum and Hyperproductivity Presentation Materials
Robert Martin
January, 2008 Alliant Monitoring Software Quality with Continuous Integration
Presentation Materials
Andrew Glover
December, 2007 TDS JBoss - Present and Future Jim Tyrrell
September, 2007 East Side JBoss Seam Shashank Tiwari
June, 2007 Alliant Energy Test Infecting the Legacy Organization Nathaniel T. Schutta
May, 2007 TDS Software Development Techniques Jared Richardson
January, 2007 TDS Source Tools for Agile Development Venkat Subramaniam
October, 2006 East Side Real World Web Services Scott Davis
July, 2006 TesmSoft's Office Struts to Webworks Chad Preisler
May, 2006 TeamSoft's office Ruby on Rails for Java Programmers Rob Sanheim
March, 2006 Wisconsin Trade Center Quality First: Get the New Agile Attitude Robert Martin
January, 2006 TeamSoft's office Using Code Metrics for Targeted Code Refactoring Andrew Glover
November, 2005 TeamSoft's office The Practice of Refactoring Rob Sanheim
August, 2005 Wisconsin Trade Center Clean Up Your Code: 10 Java Coding Tricks, Techniques, and Philosophies Neal Ford
July, 2005 TeamSoft's office The Art of Agility and the Agile Unified Process (AUP) Sinan Si Alhir
June, 2005 TeamSoft's office Ajax - Dynamic Web Applications and Java Rob Sanheim and Jim Halberg
March, 2005 TeamSoft's office Cruisecontrol - Automated Builds! Allan Wick
February, 2005 TeamSoft's office Hibernate Explained Rod Cope
November, 2004 WEA Trust Lightweight Containers and Plugin Architectures Subbu Ramanathan
October, 2004 TeamSoft's Office Java 2 Micro Edition Timothy Miller
August, 2004 TeamSoft's Office Tapestry by Example Erik Hatcher
May, 2004 TeamSoft's Office Jython in Action John Carnell
March, 2004 American Family Insurance Java Persistence Strategies Bruce Tate
February, 2004   Java Server Faces David Geary
January, 2004   JDO and J2EE Patrick Linskey
October, 2003   Enterprise Java Application Development Peter Varhol
August, 2003   Test Driven Development Robert Martin
June, 2003   Java SWT vs. Swing Al Wick
April, 2003   Real World Practices For Object Reuse Maciej Zawadzki
March, 2003   Programming Java Effectively Apache Tomcat Author
January, 2003   JBoss Open Source Java app. server  
April, 2002   Open source Java tools
February, 2002   Web Services  
December, 2001   Java Design Patterns  
October, 2001   Struts Framework  
August, 2001   XMLC alternative to JSP  
July, 2001   Rational Rose J2EE/UML Overview  
May 22, 2001   JSP/Servlet Development using IBM tools  
April 3, 2001   XP Overview  
February, 2001   JSP 1.1 Specification  
January, 2001   UML for Java
November, 2000   Legacy and Web Integrator Java API products  
October, 2000   Mercury Interactive testing tool  
September, 2000   XML for Java  
July, 2000   BEA Weblogic Java Application Server  
May, 2000   IBM WebSphere & Visual Age for Java  
March, 2000   EJB (Enterprise Java Beans)  
February, 2000   Sun's Java2 HotSpot Virtual Machine  
January, 2000   SilverStream 3.0 Java Application server