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Buying a new water heater can be really difficult. There are so many types of water heaters, and all you know is that you need to have a water heater to have hot water. And when you finally made the decision to buy a water heater without a tank, the seller asked you if you wanted condensing or non condensing for water heater.

This question must have confused you and you returned home without buying a water heater. To find out which water heater variant is better for you, see the advice of experts.

Condensing Or Non Condensing For Water Heater

Since these are tankless water heaters, hot water is obtained as it flows through the heat exchanger located in the water heater. When heating water, combustion takes place and that is why water vapor is created, which when it cools down becomes water again and that is why condensation is created. This water is acidic and therefore corrosive, which can adversely affect most metals and some other materials.

Non-condensing water heaters must throw this hot water outside, and since it reaches a temperature of up to 300 degrees, it must be carried out through non-corrosive materials that are resistant to heat.

Condensing water heaters, as their name suggests, will condense this water vapor and return it to the system so that this water will be used again for heating water. That is why condensing water heaters are much more efficient because they have a very good energy utilization.

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